One of the best things about summer in the coal region is the church picnics. And of course the best thing about the picnics is the food. Plenty of hot food and treats grace the grove, with appetizing scents filling the air. Seminary day features homemade Ukrainian and Slavic foods, dished up from all the different aspects of the 12 sponsoring parishes in our deanery.

foodFirst there is holubtsi-halupki, which is a meat and rice mixture wrapped in a cabbage leaf. Then haluski, a noodle, butter, and cabbage mixture which is delicious alone but paired withpyrohy, a dumpling with potato, cheese filling, is fabulous. The next item has different names in different regions but is spectacular everywhere. A fried potato batter, potato cakes or bleenies, is something you won’t want to miss! Then there are the traditional meats of sausage and Kobasa-kielbasa. Can’t make up your mind? Why not get a Lemko platter and have a taste of everything. After having a satisfying, ethnic lunch make sure to check out our baked goods table, where there will plenty of traditional sweet treats to finish off your meal. Our baked goods are homemade and donated by members of our sponsoring parishes, which makes them extra delicious. Then feel free to grab a hand dipped ice cream cone, and walk around the picnic grove and enjoy the sights and sounds of the Ukrainian culture!

July 30th, 2017 at St Nicholas Grove, Primrose, PA